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Crafts for summer: Felt Hibiscus Tutorial, headband for kids

Felt, Sewing  |  August 22nd 2011  |  0 Comment
Crafts for summer: Felt Hibiscus Tutorial,

headband for kids

Supplies Needed:
Needle & Thread
Glue Gun & Glue
Elastic or Alligator clip
Cut 5 two inch circles, 7 one inch circles(two for the backing), 1 half inch circle (for the middle), and two leaves.


Stack your one inch circle on top on the two inch circle as shown above.


Pinch the circles together and hand sew together.


They should look like the picture above.


Sew all five.


Start hand sewing each petal together adding one at a time.



Sew from the back when you add the last petal.


It will look like the pic above when you’re done sewing.


Take one of your (2) remaining one inch circles and hot glue your first leaf to it.


Hot glue the other leaf.


Hot glue the back of your flower onto the leaves.


Here’s a back view before we add the elastic or clip.


Add some hot glue to the middle for your half inch piece.



Last, add your clip or elastic headband with hot glue.  Then glue your last one inch piece over the elastic or clip as shown.


Source: thelittlegiggler.blogspot.com