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Crafts for summer and beach: Pom-Pom Sandal Flats

Fashion, Flower arrangement, Green crafts, Repair work  |  September 8th 2011  |  0 Comment

Crafts for summer and beach: Pom-Pom Sandal Flats

Crafts tutorial

When I saw these Pom-Pom flats I fell in love with their eccentric meets cute and classy style. These babies have a price tag of $540. What!? Who pays that much for shoes, unless your name is Paris Hilton?

When I brought out my summer shoes from my unfinished basement abyss, I remembered I had these:

I thought for sure I could create a similar look for way way less. First I searched the web for a good pom-pom tutorial. This was the very best one. So I did my best to follow it religiously. I wanted to use material that was going to look really close to the Lanvin flats that I drooled over. I ended up using an old black cotton t-shirt of mine. I cut long narrow strips from the t-shirt and tied them together until I had enough length to follow the tutorial. I cut my cardboard discs a bit larger than the ones pictured since I wanted my pom-pom to cover the front portion of my sandal. The only trouble I had following the pom-pom tutorial, was the part where it tells you to tie a slip knot. I failed once, and did better the second time by laying the cardboard discs down on the table while tying a regular knot.

Here’s what it looked like after I cut around the edges and began to tie the knot.

Here’s the finished pom-pom made from t-shirt strips. I skipped the step for making the pom-pom even, because I wanted mine to have more texture and didn’t mind different lengths. I just trimmed it to my liking by “eye balling” it.
After I had repeated the steps from the tutorial to create 2 pom-poms, I cut 2 circles from felt and glued them to the bottom of the pom-poms as a base to be attached to my sandal.

I didn’t want the finished shoe to be permanent, so I attached a strip of felt like so to the sandal so I could glue the pom-pom to the felt instead of the shoe.

I’m loving the finished product!



Source: @fortheloveofblogtherapy.com