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Crafts for home: Fitted Simple Tablecloth, sewing pattern

Sewing  |  August 20th 2011  |  0 Comment
Crafts for home:  Fitted Simple Tablecloth,

sewing pattern

You can find tablecloth vinyl or oil cloth in fabric stores, but the prints are usually pretty scarce, a lot of ants/ picnic or red/white checks.  You can find a bigger variety of prints online.
It’s nice that the tablecloth is fitted, so it doesn’t slide around and it saved fabric.
It will be nice to have a wipeable tablecloth to try to protect the wood table, now that a toddler is using it too.
amounts depend on your table
tablecloth vinyl/ oil cloth (I used 2 yards for mine)
double-wide bias tape (I used 2 (3yd) packages)
1. Cut Fabric
First you’ll need to measure your table top.  Add 1.5″ to each side for seam allowances.
Cut a square for the table top, it should hang off each side 3/4″ at this point.
Cut the sides of the tablecloth, by cutting strips which you’ll be connecting .
I made mine 6″ wide, and the width of the fabric.  Using your measurements, determine how many strips you’ll need to go around the perimeter of the table.
I needed 4 strips 6″ wide.

2. Sew Side-Strips Together
Putting right sides together, sew your strips into one long chain.
3. Sew Sides To Main Tablecloth Square
Beginning near one corner, and leaving a few inches unsewn, sew the long strip to the square of the tablecloth, right sides together. Use a 1/4″ to 3/8″ seam allowance.
When you get to a corner, put the needle down and pivot the long strip to line up with the next edge.
Here’s a video from the owl tote that shows the same idea on a corner
Continue around tablecloth, opening and sewing the seams in the strip flat when you come to them.
4. Finish Sides
When you come around to the end, stop sewing a few inches from where you began.
At this point you should have 2 ends of your long strip to work with.
Lay the main tablecloth flat and meet the 2 side ends together.
Pin them where the final seam should be.
Pin the 2 sides of the strip together, and sew them together at your pin mark.
Trim off any extra strip you may have, and sew the last seam flat to the tablecloth.
Snip corners.
5. Add Bias Tape Trim
Rather than fold and hem, I chose to add bias tape for a quick, easy way to add a solid color around the bottom of the tablecloth.
I used extra wide, double fold bias tape.
Obviously these instructions are specifically for square or rectangular tables, but you could made a round or oval tablecloth the same way, just lay your fabric on the table and trim the correct shape, leaving the 3/4 to 1″ extra along all the edges.