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Crafts for home decor: twinklers

Beading and knotting, Home and garden, Home decor  |  September 19th 2011  |  0 Comment


  • Bulb Guard (sometimes called a bulb cage or a site light. You might find aluminum ones at smaller/local hardware stores, or just get a plastic one and paint it yourself)
  • Bulb/Chord Kit
  • Sparkly Stick Thingies (these turquoise beauties came my way for $1.00 after Xmas, but you can find similar items in the floral or bridal section of most crafty shops all year round. I would link you to something online but, alas, searching sparkly stick thingies isn’t giving me the most desirable results)


Yank the sparkly bits off the central stick and then twist them onto the bulb cage.
Easy much?

Cute, huh? I wish I had bought more of those sparkler sticks. I know some of y’all are beading wizards -you could make your own and really go to town on this one. Think of all the things you could twist into the wire…beads, buttons, cellophane scraps, bottle caps….whoooooooee just think of all the twinklers!

Source: auntpeaches.com