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Crafts for home decor: lace lamp shade tutorial

Sewing  |  September 14th 2011  |  0 Comment
There is a lot of cheap plain lamps around. These are a perfect starting point for something a little out of the ordinary. This is what I made for Georgia’s new bedroom.


This is what it started off as…….


It was just a plain lamp. It cost only $15 to buy & I already had the lace. Yes. I know, hard to believe that I may have an addiction to lace!
This is how I went about it.
I measured lines onto the lamp shade, 1 inch apart.
I then started hand sewing the lace onto the shade, using the lines as guides.
And this is what it looks like!
I had considered using fabric ruffles but Georgia uses this lamp to read by of  a night time so I still needed it to give off a decent amount of light.
She loves it because she said that it looks like an old fashioned dress. Georgia’s favourite thing in the world id pretty dresses so it is perfect for her!

Source: sewcooklaughlive.blogspot.com