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Crafts for home decor: Glass Hurricane Luminary tutorial

Home and garden, Home decor  |  September 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

Spray Painted Quatrefoil Glass Hurricane Luminary {Using Vinyl Stencils}

I have wanted to make this luminary for quite sometime; ever since creating the paper luminaries last year. Since paint is more permanent than the paper, I just needed to find the setting that I could put it and enjoy it before feeling the need to change things around. With my new love of Krylon metallic’s {found around my latest living room creations} I knew I finally had the perfect place and color in mind.

The Paper Cut Luminary was one of the first projects I created when I received my Silhouette. I even made a few for a Kiddie Halloween Tablescape using black cardstock. The cut paper instantly transforms any glass hurricane in a beautiful luminary casting such a neat glow from the patterns.

Using the same basic idea, I embellished the techniques a little for this project to create a more glamorous look.

I began by cutting some premium vinyl with my Silhouette Cutter using a quatrefoil pattern found in the Silhouette Online Store {geometric_background_med_1954}. Using the design studio included with the machine I sized the pattern just a bit and began to cut several vinyl pieces.

I used a total of five separate sheets of cut vinyl to fully cover a 9 inch cylinder hurricane. The vinyl was easily applied using the Silhouette Transfer paper and the techniques I described in {this tutorial}. The parts of the design I wanted painted were the ones I removed from the cut vinyl prior to applying the transfer paper.

I simply cut and lined up each sheet of vinyl as I went along – matching up the cuts for one continuous pattern.

Once the vinyl was applied I turned the hurricane upside down {so no paint would be sprayed on the inside} and gave it several coats of Krylon’s Brush Metallic in Caramel Latte. The warm gold metallic finish of this satin spray is simply gorgeous.

I have used regular spray paint for many glass projects and I have not had any problems with scratches or peeling. I think the importance is more in the technique of applying the paint. Make sure you begin with clean dry glass and cover in multiple, very light coats, letting them dry completely in between each application.

I left the hurricane to dry for several hours prior to peeling off the vinyl.

To prevent any of the paint being removed with the vinyl, I pulled very slowly and in one direction. I cut off pieces of the pulled vinyl as I went along as it did not all come off in one piece.

I love the simplicity of the symmetrical quatrefoil design and the statement the pattern alone adds to a plain glass hurricane.

The luxurious metallic color of the spray paint is just the icing on top.

The design that illuminates from the glass is so pretty too!

I really like having the option to change things around by using the paper technique, but to add a little glitz and glamour the paint is perfect.