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Crafts for home decor: Chicken Wire Chandelier

Beading and knotting, Home and garden, Home decor, Other crafts  |  September 8th 2011  |  0 Comment
Chicken Wire Chandelier
Crafts for home decor: Chicken Wire Chandelier

Crafts ideas and tutorial


Who would have thunk, that chicken wire could be used in so many ways! We all saw it re-used mainly in frames, but did you see this luxurious boutique chicken hotel? Those chickens live the dolce vita over there, lol. And there is Ashley, she just took a whole walland covered it in chicken wire! I could imagine hanging all my high heels on there;-)

Then I discovered chicken wire at the Dollar Store and found one of those wire clothe hangers in my closet and my chandelier-idea was born.


- Chicken wire

- Wire clothe hanger or just craft wire

- Hanging tomato planter (we just need the round wire and hanger)

- Moss, tea lights, small birds/butterflies, magnetic chandelier crystals, wood branch

- Pliers, glue gun


1. Cut the clothe hanger wire in 4 equal sized pieces.

2. Bend them with pliers as shown in above image.

3. Bring together the 4 pieces (I used floral foam) and glue with hot glue in place, then run a wire around for better hold.

4. If you have an old hanging tomato planter, take the plastic off and use only the circle and the wire attached to it. This will be our chandelier base.

5. Cut the chicken wire to desired size and attach to the circle with little wires.

6. Attach a wire to the top of the 4 clothe hanger pieces and attach the whole thing to the tomato planter hanger at the top part, where all the wires come togehter.

7. Attach the magnetic chandelier crystals to your bent clothe hanger wires.

8. Break your wooden branch (-es) to the right size and lay it on to the the chicken wire. Glue some moss on to it and a little bird.


-We are half way done-


Now we have to attach the tea lights, to make it a real chandelier. *I used hot glue first, but it actually melts and the tea light fell*. So we will use wire.


1. Cut some wire (approx. as long as your index finger).

2. Punch it through the metal of the tea light, in from one side, out to the opposite side. Then bend it back and punch it through in the opposite direction into the tea light and out.

3. Bend it down 90 degrees.

4. Sit your tea light on the chicken wire of the chandelier and attach it with a little wire on the bottom.


This is kind of hard to explain, but if you look at the pictures, it should be clear.

And this is it!

Total time: ca. 2 hours

Total cost: $1

(I just had to buy the chicken wire. All the items used can be bought at the Dollar Store, except the magnetic crystals. I bought them at Home Depot for $ 7,99).





Have fun! If you don’t like the tea lights, you could use a small LED light garland as well.

Source: @fun.kyti.me