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Crafts for fall parties: faux leather leaves tutorial

Hallooween's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  October 13th 2011  |  0 Comment


There’s nothing like scattered leaves to bring in the fall.

Crafts for fall parties:   faux leather leaves tutorial

I found this really great faux leather at a warehouse this week. I bought a half a yard for $2. I had a million things in my head I wanted to do with it. But then it hit me, I really wanted to make a table runner of big leaves.

You see I’ve been wanting to make a table runner like this forever but didn’t want to figure out how to finish the edges. This was the perfect material.

I liked how the texture was kinda leafy.

I googled leaf silhouettes, and drew a couple of shapes out on paper. Than I traced then onto the back of the leather.

This was the most time consuming job. It took me about 45 minute to sew on all the veins. I used yellow thread but I think tan or off white would work well too.

When the veins were done, I lined them up in an order I liked. I made sure each leaf touched the another in two spots on both side. Then I marked the touching points with a small sharpie.

I used a brown thread to tack the touching points together.

I’m not ready to bring out Halloween, but I’m enjoying a touch of fall.