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Crafts for Easter: diy Doily Bowls

Crochet, Easter's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Other crafts  |  September 28th 2011  |  1 Comment


Crocheted doily
 Stiffy- Fabric Stiffner
Plastic bowl/container
Squirt enough Stiffy in the bottom of a large bowl, to cover the bottom surface.
Dip doilies in, thoroughly soaking them.  When completely “wet,” ring out to rid of excess.
Evenly drap over a top-down bowl, I recommend a plastic container.
** I tried a glass bowl and a plastic container. It was 100% easier to remove doily
from plastic container when dried.
Let sit for 24 hours, until completely dry and hard.
Carefully remove from container by gently pulling the doily off.
The above pic. shows you just how well  ‘Stiffy’ works.
I grabbed a handful of spoons, threw them in the bowl, and it barely flexed. Serious.



Happy Crafting!

Crafts tutorial: diy Doily Bowls