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Crafts for campers: cpsc second session activity tutorial

Sewing  |  August 31st 2011  |  0 Comment

hello campers!

This week we have a really great project for those inside summer days. When I mildly think about summer, I think watermelon, fireworks, swimming, and bike gangs. When I really think about summer, I start to remember that a percentage of those dreamy days off are spent inside. Whether it’s because it’s raining, or it’s actually too hot to go outside, it’s nice to have some things to do.

So this week, make a Castle Peeps Memory Game! I’m still not at my best from my surgery so this week the tutorial is in the post!

Crafts for campers: cpsc second session activity tutorial

Sewing patternrs

The whole thing

The only things that you really need to get started are:

  • small piece of paper
  • ruler
  • pen
  • fabric scissors, or rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • Castle Peeps and other conversational prints (8-12 different pieces)
  • solid or stripe print for the back of the game cards
  • lamination


Cut a small stack of 3×3 squares in your stripe or solid. You will want to cut as many you want cards in your game. I cut 18.

You are going to make a little viewfinder. I made my cards 3×3. So I cut a 3×3 square out of a small piece of paper, so I could place the viewfinder over the fabric to find what the image would look like best in a 3 inch square. Then I traced the square onto the fabric, and then cut it out.

To get 2 of the same exact square, place the cut square over the same fabric, and match up the sides. Then either trace around the block, or use your ruler and rotary cutter. Make 8-12 different sets.


After I cut out my sets. I starched and ironed the back to the front, wrong sides together! Making it almost crispy. Then I trimmed each set in case there was a little overlap. You don’t want to give any permanent hints.

Once you are finished cutting you will laminate your squares. I don’t have a laminator at home, and I wanted something more permanent than most diy lamination systems. SO, I took my squares to Kinko’s and laminated them for about $5. And it took 2 minutes. Make sure that when you are laying them out that you leave about half an inch between each set.


When you cut them out, leave about a 1/4 of an inch around them as to make sure you don’t cut into the seal. Also, make sure that you cut down the corners, or use a corner punch. The laminate can be sharp.

Cut corners

Play the game

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