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Crafts flowers for accessories: Make Yarn Rosettes (Tutorial)

Making flower  |  September 28th 2011  |  0 Comment
I love crochet flowers. So, I made these rosettes with thread, which look like crochet.
These are so easy to make and are great for a variety of wonderful ideas!
If you want to make these rosettes, here’s what I did!

Crafts flowers for accessories: Make Yarn Rosettes (Tutorial)

  • Make a braid with the thread/yarn and curl it into a rosette, glue as you go if required, I only glued the ends (For the braid I took 3 threads for each string i.e 3x3x3)
  • Now turn it over, dab a good amount of glue and place a piece of felt over the end to close. This will secure the rosettes.
  • Leave it to dry and your done.


This is what a braid rosette looks like!

  • You can also make a twisted thread rosette. Tie the threads at one end, twist and tie at the other end. As, the thread is thin so I took 6 threads to make each string i.e 6×6
Curl the twisted braid into a rosette, dab some glue at the back and close the end with a piece a felt.


Easy as a pie! You will have tons of pretty rosettes like these in an hour.
Have fun, mix and match different colors and make great party rosettes for fun projects this summer
I made a rosettes necklace that can also be worn as a bracelet or brooch. Perfect for summer parties and fun. You can find it here

You can jazz up your old earrings with a girlish touch

This colorful bracelet will be perfect for a young girl
Use them in any way and in any project. They look amazing in many ways.
I think a summer wreath would be great with these or a frame!
What do you have in mind? Any ideas!
What about a bunch of flowers on the strings? Makes good necklace
Or have fun wearing these cute rosette earrings and bracelet together that is sure to look good
Did you like these flowers?
I could not wait to share them with you. :)
Want to know what I made with these flowers for the summer party? Click here!