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Fashion, Making flower  |  September 28th 2011  |  0 Comment


  • sandals
  • i used 1/8 of a yard of swim suit fabric for the ruffles. {i can’t think of think of the official name right now, haha}
  • thread and needle
  • hot glue gun {yep, you guys were right}
  • lighter/candle/fray check
taking these black sandals from simple to sexy in a few minutes! here’s how:
Step 1. measure how long the strap is that you want to add ruffles to. mine measured 3 inches. (i didn’t want ruffles between my toes) take that number and multiply it by 10. for example: 3″ times 10″ = 30″. this will be your fabric’s length.
Step 2. next cut two 4″ strips by the length you determined in the step before. so i cut two 4″x30″ strips of fabric.
Step 3. using a lighter or candle, lightly singe all edges of each strip to prevent fraying. it made my edges curl slightly, which i thought was a cool look. plus i’m impatient. but fray check would work great too. especially for any other color of fabric than black because it can turn your edges black.
Step 4. fold your strips in half length wise, shiny side on the inside. and iron with cool iron. i only wanted hints of shiny material in the ruffles for more depth and texture. i didn’t want too much shine. but you could totally do shiny side out for a different look.
Step 5. sew a basting stitch (long stitch, no backstitching) along the edge without going off.
Step 6. pull one thread to create gathers. you’ll want to gather it pretty tightly.
Step 7. take the gathers and fold into ruffles.
Step 8. using a needle and thread, hand stitch the ruffles in place and trim excess threads.
Step 9. hot glue the ruffles to your sandal strap. for my sandals, hot glue worked great because of the stitching on the sandal strap created a strong bond. if your sandals do not have stitching or a rough texture, you may want to use a different adhesive.
now enjoy your sexy new foot candy!