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Crafts fashion for women: Leaf with underwired cups tutorial

Crochet, Fashion  |  September 8th 2011  |  0 Comment

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Patterns need to cup bra. I have kept from the previous experiment, we can take your old favorite bra and once (I’m sure that every woman’s gathering dust in a drawer, the main thing that you liked the shape and cut. A cup of this bra we cut to pieces


bone must be removed, and the details carefully transfer to paper if you’re handy with the design and styling of clothing, you can do pattern themselves wishing a look here

Thus, the pattern and the necessary preparation, we have, get to work. 
‘s start with what will work on our bones for the bodice. 
I have the “kitty unnecessary” lying around on scraps of red bodice – and I use them, but in principle any suitable fabric, only it would easily evolved into several layers and was not very hard to the touch. Something than can be mitigated by the stiffness of metal bones. By the way, I saw a knitted underwear in lingerie underwired. If the breast is not very big, it will go and they are.

Well .. .. Bone I take my striped fabric folded over the top and about 3-4 mm, and then crosswise into four pieces and sew straight out – all the same then we will hide it under a layer of knitted fabric.


Presets postpone seed and begin the most basic – we vyvyazyvat details for mating pattern ..

that’s what I got:


Now we need to combine the matter .. wanted an additional row of vozdushek. but it was not, so just armed with a needle. and the same thread (black) had made ​​two one-Circuits. united so that petals from a black lace went a bit red in detail, as if imposed, it came out very even nothing   remains to knit trim on the edge and vdet bone. That’s actually a cup and is ready   to come – provyazyvanie straps.

Photo: livemaster.ru