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Crafting with Angry Birds tutorial

Making flower, Making toys  |  September 12th 2011  |  0 Comment

We’ve joined the Angry Birds craze. These little birds are everywhere, but we can’t seem to get enough. Today we’re crafting little angry bird yarn poms, crashing down our tower of greedy little pigs.

Supplies for Angry Bird Poms:

  • yarn
  • craft glue
  • googley eyes
  • craft paper
  • stacking cups

1. Create your mini pom poms with your yarn. There are a lot of ways to make these, but to make them a super small and the perfect size, I used the pom pom tutorial from Meyamo. I printed out her template for winding the yarn around, cutting, and tying. I used the small pattern for the red angry bird and the medium pattern for the pigs.

2. Once you’ve got your pom puff balls, add the faces. Glue on googley eyes, cut out paper noses for each and glue those on too. Even little black yarn pieces for the angry bird’s eyebrows. Let these dry. *For the bird, you can leave a little of the “tying” string longer at the top to act as the feathers that stick out on top or just glue an extra piece of yarn on top.

3. Build a tower for the pigs. We used small paper drinking cups stacked in a tower shape. We also used a popsicle stick to leave a little space for the pigs to fit inside.

Now sling shot your angry bird poms right into that tower. Those pigs never stood a chance!

Source: makeandtakes.com