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Craft lessons : Use a Pom Pom Maker tutorial

Making flower, Needle crafts  |  August 28th 2011  |  0 Comment


Craft lessons : Use a Pom Pom Maker tutorial

Craft tutorial

I picked up this awesome set of Pom Pom makers in Japan at the most amazing department store called Tokyu Hands. Tokyu Hands is my idea of crafty heaven, it has everything a crafty person could ever dream of wanting, and then a million things more.
I’ve always wanted one of these little gadgets, because making pom poms the old fashioned way, with 2 doughnut shaped cards, is a bit time consuming. The pack came with 4 contraptions in different sizes, I thought you may like to see how easy it was to use. There are some different brands available here, I’m sure they are very similar to use.
1. You will need your pom pom maker, yarn and scissors.
2 & 3. Match up the holes and bumps of the two halves.
4. Wrap your yarn around one half until the hole in the middle is all full (I have used a few strands of yarn to make the wrapping process a bit faster).5. Repeat with the other half.
6. Close the two halves together and click the latch (forgot to photograph this step sorry).
7. Cut round the outside of the ring, your scissor will fit inside the groove.
8. Take a length of yarn and slip it through the gap of the two rings, tie off firmly.

9. Remove Pom Pom maker.
10. Trim to neaten, and you’re done!

Source: mypoppet.blogspot.com