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Craft lessons: Paper Marbling Video

Paper crafts, Video  |  September 24th 2011  |  0 Comment

Paper Marbling Video

Paper Marbling from Ruth Bleakley on Vimeo.

I’ve had a couple of questions from students about the actual mechanics of paper marbling – it’s hard to describe in words, but I’ve created a nice little slideshow so you can see how it’s done!

1. Fill a tray with marbling “size” created from a mixture of carrageenan and water.

2. Drop diluted watercolors on the surface until they expand into rings.

3. Use combs to comb through the paint to create a pattern.

4. Lay a sheet of paper on the surface of the design, peel it back and viola! the design adheres to the surface of the paper.

5. Skim the size with some newsprint and start again.