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Craft lessons: painting tutorial

Drawing, Painting  |  July 24th 2011  |  0 Comment

For those who have not yet worked with the contours, the initial information. To work more suited to the contours of the thin beak. I use PEBEO and IDEA. But if you have contours with thick spout – buy a mouthpiece for the contours, it is also suitable for Glitter and stained paintings. Showing your stuff:

The first stage – set point, tried to push very easily and smoothly on the tube to point out the same, trying to maintain equal distance between them.

Now let’s try to put points of different sizes – from big to small, slightly changing the pressure on the tube, and stand a distance back equal. Try to gently curving line, draw a “wave”.

Now draw a line of dots of different sizes – fills the hand, it is useful!


I want to note that the plastic tips at the circuits have a small bevel, just a few microns, but it changes the size and height of each point.

Now you can begin to draw major elements. 1. Draw a wave pririsovyvaem side “columns” at the end of each put a bullet.


2. Draw lines that converge at the center, at the ends again to finish. It turns out “Flower”

2. ”Leaflets” draw thin lines, put in bold points. Can be the opposite – the thick leaves with thin interior.

Now we gather from such elements pattern. All of these “spare parts” easily fit into one another.


And now you can begin to have painted bottles. All the usual – drink the contents, wash, degreasing, paint, wait until dry. And start drawing. Next come the pictures without comment, simply draw the already known elements. Thickness of the lines should be changed to different motives, it turns delicate and bigger. If you draw the same lines – a pattern not seen. If you remain pustovatye places – zopolnyaem dots of different sizes.

All work is done! Left to dry and varnish.

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