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Craft lessons: Lazy Bow, embroidery tutorial

Embroidery  |  September 5th 2011  |  0 Comment

See what I did with that bow in her hair? It’s just two isolated chain stitches, a French knot in the middle and then a coupla straight stitches. “The who and the what and the hey?” If you already know how to do all that, this tutorial is over for you. If you’d like to see the step-by-step, then read on!

Lazy Bow Step 1:
A “lazy bow” begins with an isolated chain stitch. To make this stitch, come up through your fabric (where the floss is coming out) and re-insert your needle in the same exit point as shown. But not so fast! Before you pull the needle all the way through, check out this next smooth move:

Leave a loop of excess floss on the topside of your fabric and bring your needle up through the loop, about a 1/4″ away. Now, you can pull your needle all the way up through. And finish by…

…re-inserting your needle right next to where you came up. Pull your needle all the way through, so it holds the loop in place.

See? That’s how you make an isolated chain stitch. Yes, really.

Lazy Bow Step 2:
Since you’re so good at it now, make another isolated chain stitch, across from the first. You’ll start just across from the base of the first one, but leave a little space between them, please. We’ll need that there.

See? Two little isolated chain stitches. It’s already looking like a bow! The transformation is astonishing! Uh oh. I made this second loop smaller than the other. My bow’s going to
be a little be lopsided. Oh well, that’s how you can tell it’s
handmade. Imperfection is beautiful, baby!

Lazy Bow Step 3:
Now it’s time for le French Knot in the middle…

Lazy Bow Step 4:
Add a couple of straight stitches…(we’re almost finished)

Step 5: Lazy Bow Complete!

Source: @sublimestitching.com