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Craft lessons for kids: weaving tutorial

Making toys  |  September 29th 2011  |  0 Comment

Craft: Weaving

We really haven’t done much weaving yet because I really wasn’t sure if my oldest daughter would like it or find it frustrating. This weaving activity was just right for her skill level, she was able to weave independently and she enjoyed it.
I used an embroidery hoop, yarn, and strips of fabric. First, I separated the hoop and put the yarn across the smaller hoop (6 seemed like a good amount) and then put it back together. (Next time I will use a coordinating yarn color so that the yarn blends into the weaving more.)

Using the strips of fabric, my daughter wove over, under, over, under… I helped her move the strips close together after finishing a row.

When she finished weaving, I carefully loosened and removed the outer hoop and laid the fabric strip ends on top of the remaining hoop. Next, I put the hoop back together and tightened it. My daughter cut off the leftover string and I cut off the leftover fabric.

Craft lessons for kids: weaving tutorial

It is hanging up for everyone to enjoy and I invited her to take it down to make a new weaving whenever she wanted. I like the fact that we can appreciate looking at it, but it is also something she can reuse to do more weaving in the future.