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Craft lessons: Easy & neat centered zipper tutorial

Sewing  |  September 14th 2011  |  0 Comment


Side note: Now at this stage you really should baste the zipper to the garment, but I was feeling a little lazy when I was making this dress and so I just pinned it as you can see above. This is a little risky though because you can easily end up with bunching. So I really recommend basting, even though I’m not practicing what I preach!


NOTE:  the top of the garment or the folded over edge of the zipper becomes the zipper stop.

UPDATE: A lot of people have been asking me what to do with the excess zipper at the top. For a skirt this is easy, you can just leave the ends sticking up and encase them in the waistband. For a dress, you can fold it to the sides as I have done in the picture. Or you could install the zipper before the lining, leave the ends sticking straight up and then when you sewed the lining to the dress, and turned it to the inside of the dress, the excess would be enclosed in the lining.


Craft lessons:  Easy & neat centered zipper tutorial

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