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Craft lessons: Classic Boo-Boo Bunnies Tutorial and Teething Tip

Folding towel  |  September 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

Being a Mother is Terrifying (Classic Boo-Boo Bunnies Tutorial and Teething Tip)

I’ve found that motherhood feels like you are constantly living in the first few scenes of a horror movie. Even though everything is going wonderfully, you know that at any minute something terrifying could and most likely will happen. You don’t know what exactly it will be, or how or when it will happen, but you know you will cringe and someone will start screaming and crying.

Today, while I was standing inches away from him I might add, Benjamin took a picture frame out of the closet, set it on the floor, and stepped onto it. I watched and gasped as I heard the glass crack into hundreds of sharp pieces beneath my little guy’s bare feet. I grabbed him almost as quickly as it happened and set him on the bed only to discover that somehow he was not cut by any of the glass. Now all I want to do is double toddler-proof my home. It almost doesn’t matter though, because even when you think everything is safe, the toddler mind comes up with the most bizarre and creative new way to get into trouble.

When Benjamin actually does get hurt, we’ve started making these boo-boo bunnies. I remember having these when I was a kid. I would get so excited to get to use the boo-boo bunny that I would forget a little bit about the actual boo-boo. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a classic boo-boo bunny.

TEETHING TIP: These boo-boo bunnies are fantastic for teething babies. Simply wet the bunny ears and  put the bunny in the freezer for about 5 minutes. Babies love to gnaw on the icy washcloth and these bunnies are the perfect size and shape for their little hands. When using these for babies, I would probably use something more baby-safe than a rubber band (like a short and secure ribbon).

These work best when you use a large thin washcloth (baby washcloths don’t seem to work well). Roll the washcloth diagonally. When you get near the end, add a small ice cube. If you want to make and decorate a boo-boo bunny to use over and over again, do not add the ice cube at this point.

Fold the rolled washcloth in half. Make sure that the ends are even.

Then fold back the ends (bunny ears) in the opposite direction.

Secure this with a sturdy rubber band. You can also use a ribbon or a colorful piece of yarn. (It is also very cute to add goggly eyes, a button nose, and a cotton ball tail).