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Craft ideas for home decor: mummy lamp tutorial

Home and garden  |  September 25th 2011  |  0 Comment

In our bedroom lives this funky lamp. Ross calls is the “Mummy Lamp.” I think it is awesome!

Craft ideas for home decor: mummy lamp tutorial

Well, the story actually begins when someone (ahem, ROSS) broke the original shade to the point of no return. And the poor lamp was naked for a while:
Then one day I happened to stumble upon this uuuuuugly thing at the thrift store! It was less than a dollar and I was pretty sure it was the perfect shade for our naked lamp!
I took white paint and painted a sloppy coat of paint (note: If I were to do this again I would spray paint the shade solid white.):
I got a bunch of old white shirts and cut them into strips. I cut one of the ends to make one long strip.
Then I tied them onto the lamp shade.
I was about half way done here and to be completely honest… the lamp stayed like this for over a month… and it did look like a mummy…
Then I got super sick of it looking half way finished so I continued to tie more strips onto the lamp shade until it was completely covered. And…
I am in love!
Who knew a lamp shade could make a girl so happy?!