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Craft for home: Embroidery in the Carpet Technology

Embroidery  |  December 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

Craft for home: Embroidery in the Carpet tutorial

  • Material

Canvas, coated with a pattern of embroidery, thread embroidery, a special hook

  • Instructions:

Step 1. Fold in half length exactly the thread.

Step 2. The resulting loop throw the hook.

Step 3. Slide the hook into the fabric (under cross-thread canvas) so that his tongue was moving over the canvas.

Step 4. The ends of the filament lay in an open hook.

Step 5. Hook a little pull towards you to lock shut.

Step 6. The ends of the thread and release the hook with a thread drawn through the resulting loop.

Step 7. Pull the trigger. The result was there such a knot.

Step 8. Lace your fingers tighten.

That’s all technique!

Begin to embroider on the left bottom row, knit units are always in rows, one after another from left to right and from bottom to top.

That’s what happens on the front side of the mat and on the wrong:

It is still not ready to work – more than two thirds of embroidery remains.

At the end have to tuck the ends of the canvas on the wrong side and sew by hand. By the way, there is a set of tape with a needle and thread for binding the edges of the mat.
Craft for home: Embroidery in the Carpet Technology

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