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Craft home decor: Hanging gardens in the interior of the apartment

Garden, Green crafts, Home and garden  |  August 13th 2011  |  0 Comment

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 Craft home decor:  Hanging gardens in the interior of the apartment

Hanging gardens

Inspired by the Japanese art of bonsai, or rather its variant, known as kokedama or bonsai for the poor, adding all three-dimensional techniques of crochet, dutch designer Theodore van der Valkuon forced the plant to float in the air in the quaint arachnoid cocoons instead of pots and pots of boring.

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Kokedama a moss-covered ground ball, which landed in the plant. The same technique used and van der Valk, in the spherical earth balls, moss-covered and crochet cocoon, resembling a spider web, you can grow not only flowers, but small fruit trees that are in limbo as a particularly exotic look. It is as if levitating plants are at variance with common sense and deny all the laws of terrestrial attraction. The laws of gravity and balance, yet can not escape it, but in this case they are co-creators rather than a hindrance flower miracle, giving plants an unusual fancy inclines.

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With crochet technique Fedor has been working for quite some time. And the installation was originally conceived, it is composed of three-dimensional crocheted webs covered with moss and grass. Then the idea to add songs live plants. So the light and there were amazing hanging gardens, full of lightness and airiness. Grow in such conditions can be quite a wide range of flora, but best of all geraniums, asparagus, onion plants and dwarf fruit trees. The most difficult part, says the author, in the whole process is the individual choice of the optimal composition of the soil mix for each plant, for all their individual taste preferences, character and even their whims and fancies. While that Fedor did not submit his only beloved poppies, but he has not lost hope that one day will certainly find the way to their willful heart.

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Create hanging gardens – an unusually exciting and creative process, although it requires a special sensitivity and subtlety of execution. Yet the most important thing in working with living plants – the ability to find common language with them, like working with plants is not as well with people. It seems that Theodore did it. His work, which managed to light up the pages of the world’s leading periodicals, and leave no one indifferent, surprise, delight, attract, captivate and enchant its quirkiness. The Hanging Gardens of Theodore van der Val create the room a completely different atmosphere than the traditional flower pots. Such plants can not be overlooked. They do not merge with the general background, but always actively interact with the surrounding space. Aerial flower aesthetics perfectly fit into any style of interior, giving it a light playfulness, mystery and magic.

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Sizes of balls can vary from fairly massive specimens until very tiny, easy to fit on the palm. Air gardens can be used not only for home decor, and infield. Problems with the owners of these hanging gardens can occur only with irrigation. The fact that water them like normal plants can not. The designer recommends watering their “Pet Air”, when the cocoon becomes solid like a cork. To water their life-giving moisture, will have to use a basin, bowl or any other suitable water-filled container. Carefully drop in the plant, along with her cocoon, until no longer go forward bubbles, remove the plant from the water, hung over capacity, excess water to the glass and only then return to a permanent place. 

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Photo: facepla.net