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Craft home decor: Baby Shower Banner Tutorial

Home and garden, Home decor, Other crafts  |  September 1st 2011  |  0 Comment


Craft home decor

Baby Shower Banner Tutorial

I am not a fan of baby showers that are dripping with pacifiers, baby diapers, and rubber duckies….

I know, I know, its cute and traditional… However, I think that the Blessingway~Baby Showers that are more about the mommy and the guests who are in attendance are just more fun!

I recently hosted a shower for a friend of mine… We had great food, yummy treats, and a few mimosas….

I made this banner as one of the decorations for the party. Afterwards I bundled up the onsies and gave them to her a gift.


I Dyed the onsies in a non toxic blue dye. I then created the freezer paper stencil of the star and painted it white….Easy and super cute!




Source: taoofcraft.typepad.com