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Craft Halloween: lace mask, free crochet pattern

Hallooween's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  September 28th 2011  |  0 Comment

Craft halloween: lace mask,
free crochet pattern

Require fine zhestkovataya viscose lurex, hook number 1, rezinochki in hair color. The mask consists of several parts: the left “eye”, right, top and delicate floral trim. Left “eye.”

1p Dial 45 Bn, wink. We agree that the beginning of this little corner inside the eye. We divide the work on the lower eyelid – 25 Bn and top – 20 Bn. Knit down in a circle, without turning the work. 
2p 45 st. 
3p lower lid – 8st., 8st1n + 1vp between them (plural), 9st2n 1vp + pl, continue to the upper eyelid – 7st2n 1vp + pl, pl 1vp 7st1n +, 6 tablespoons .

The right eye tie in mirror image, joined in the last row of the upper and 1H 2n for the lower eyelid. 
A number of lace trim. Knit only from the top.
The left “eye” of the outer side. 
The thread attached to the 25st Bn for the lower eyelid. 6 sn lift from 4st2n – 4st3n joined together, (that was such shell) from the top-arch over the middle of 3vp last column, the arch of a century before 3vp shells, etc. 5arok of 3vp through art. (Only 7 of arches on the upper eyelid), then 4vp, 2st2n at the junction of the “eye”. 
Continue right eye in the mirror image. Thread break.
Flower . 
6vp 1p in terms of 
2p 12ST. 
3p consists of 12 blades with 10 Bn. Link 9 petals, 10 to hook over the arch of 4 Bn (a transfer) for the second loop of the arch of 3vp., 11 petal catch over the middle columns in bridge, 12 – for 3vp from st2n arch of 4vp. 12 petal knit as follows: 5vp, hitch, st3n. 
4p from the top 12 petals arch 3vp to 1 lobe, attaching to an arch of the upper eyelid, just below the arch of 3vp to 9 lobes, between 9 and 10 arc-toe for the first arch of the upper century, the other eye. 
5p back around and arches for 3st + 1st lobe, up to 12 petals. Thread break. 
Attached petals arches are not tied. 
The main elements of the collection. Final delicate piping . It consists of 2 full-round series. The thread to attach the bottom of the mask in the middle of the bridge of the nose. 1p knit shell portion of the attachment: 4 Bn, 2st1n, cling to the lower eyelid of the left eye, then tie the arch of 3vp + peak of 3vp before the shells at the outer edge 2 arches through 2 loops around 7 arches through the column, only on a lower eyelid nine arches of 3 Bn. From the last peak 7vp lift to the top of shells, pico. Continue on the upper eyelid of the arch and 5vp peak, mid-pitch for the previous arc. A total of 5 arches. At the end of five arches knit “drop”: 4vp st2n 2 + 4vp and return to the top. Next to the arch of flowers over 5vp + peak catch for 3 petal of the transfer. Three arches to the summit, “drop” – and in reverse order – to the top. From the last arch of the lower lid 3 Bn in the beginning. point 1st1n, wink. The result was a shell of 5 rays.Hook in the middle. 2p. 5 sn, from st1n – st1n, SH, st1n, catch over the middle arch of the left first “eye.” Continue arches of 5vp, pico, clinging to the middle of the previous arcs. Total bind nine arches, and pico. 9 arch clings to the middle of the arc of the 7 loop. Of pico and 5vp st2n in pico shells 5vp for middle arch 3vp, 2st1n with pico between them from the middle of the last arch. In all such elements 4. The last catch of the arch and drop, so do not chatter, 4 arches of 5vp and pico to flower, clinging to the middle of the arches at the top – pico. In the same way a mirror the second half, finishing the half shells on noseband. EVERYTHING! Hide the ends, anchoring sugar (l 6st.. 100g of water is heated by the mask in the solution to cool, dry the plastic bag on day 2. She db moderately tight, slightly bend, we catch gum, dress and walk a mystery.

author - Naden-ka