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Craft Game: Button Matching Game

Making toys  |  August 29th 2011  |  0 Comment


Button Matching Game by Kristen Sutcliffe from New House Project

My four-year-old daughter loves playing with the colorful buttons she finds in my desk, so I came up with a little game she could do with them.  This is a fun activity for preschool-aged children.

The materials you will need:
*A variety of colorful buttons
*Color photocopier
*Pen or Marker


Step 1:
Place a variety of different color and size buttons face down on the copying plate of a color photocopier.  If you have a picture in mind that you want to make with the buttons you can arrange them accordingly.  I planned a simple flower picture, but you can do a train, robot, tree, etc.
Step 2:
Make a color photocopy of the buttons.
Step 3: 
Complete your picture with a pen or marker.
Step 4:
Place the buttons that you used to create your picture in a small dish.  Now your child is ready to play the matching game.
Step 5:
Play by placing the buttons from the dish onto the matching buttons in the picture.