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Craft flower: moss topiaries tutorial

Flower arrangement, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  September 5th 2011  |  0 Comment


Craft flower:  moss topiaries tutorial
i was strolling through pottery barn
the other week and spotted some
great moss topiaries.
they were really simple, and were in
these pretty mercury glass cachepots.
 i really wanted a pair of each.
the cachepots were $16 each  and the
topiaries were around $20 each.
a little more than i wanted to spend…
so, i  bought the cachepots.
they were just too darn cute to pass up,
and i figured i would have a go at
making the topiaries myself.

here’s what i bought
2 styrafoam balls @ $3 each
1 yard burlap $3
1 tub pottery paster $4
1 bag moss $5
moss colored thread $1
two sticks from my yard-free
total: $19
(i bought 2 bags of moss, but only used 1/2 of 1 bag!)

i mixed up the plaster in
a disposable container

and poured it equally into two paper cups

next, i stuck my sticks into the paster.
i held them for about 2 minutes…until i could feel the
plaster beginning to set.

then i made a hole in the styrafoam ball,

and hot glued the moss onto the ball.
the moss is very forgiving…

then, i wrapped the ball over and over with the thread.
this will hold the moss on better, and
make it “shed” less.

by the time i finished with the balls, the
plaster was set.

i trimmed the cups.

and used a large bowl as a template
 to cut two large circles out of the burlap.

i also cut two strips as ties.

this is what it will look like if you wrap it in burlap

i thought it looked nice nestled among some ornaments and pine cones…

but, in the end, i decided to  surround them
with spanish moss and put them in the cachepot
source: mydesigndump.blogspot.com