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Coffee gift: coffee stencils, craft ideas

Drinking, Recipes  |  August 17th 2011  |  0 Comment


{coffee stencils}
Coffee gift: coffee stencils,

craft ideas

Now, that the weather is getting warmer and warmer and the sky seems to turn a hint more blue every day, the hubby and I have little coffee dates on our balcony every now and then.
We bought a table to match our french bistro chairs and do some people watching form our 4th floor apartment (there’s always some action, since we look right down on a tram stop).
Of course it wouldn’t be a coffee date without the coffee! Unlike the hubby, I can’t stand black coffee and need milk. Lots of it! My favorite is Latte Macchiato – more milk than coffee. ;) It’s the best topped with some cocoa or cinnamon!
Here’s where the thrifty part comes in: I reused two Pringles lids and cut the shapes with an x-acto knife. I created an easy to cut design in Illustrator, printed it out on paper, laid the plastic lid on top and cut away.