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Christmas craft ideas: Making a Christmas tree

Christmas's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower  |  December 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

Before the holiday, there is very little time and trouble every day … and sometimes added is not enough time to make Christmas dekorchiki … Today I’ll show you how to make a quick Christmas tree! Making a Christmas tree does not take long, and most importantly I promise lots of fun to the process! And do not forget to call the kids, this session will be quite capable of it:)

So Christmas tree in 4 stages
We will need:
ready-cone (I 26 cm) can be used and small.
-lace (any) (to my great takes about 2-3 meters)
-Jewelry (at your option)
-hot glue

Step 1: Our cone wrap tape

Step 2: The same thing done with lace

step 3: Fasten with a rope or cord, wax

Step 4: decorate the Christmas tree.

Happy New year and Christmas!
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