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Christmas ornaments: free crochet patterns

Christmas's day, Crochet, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  September 9th 2011  |  0 Comment

Crochet Wreath Ornament Pattern


It seems a bit strange showing off Christmas things before Thanksgiving. In the past, we never put our tree up before Thanksgiving, but my brother is rarely home in December anymore. Therefore, we try to have at least parts of the house decorated at Thanksgiving, so he can enjoy it longer.

Later in the week, I will be showing off some other handmade ornaments I’ve made, but today I thought I’d share a simple pattern I cam up with for those of you who crochet.

Really you can make any kind of ornament you like without a pattern. Think of what you want to make in terms of shapes, then figure out how to make that shape and embellish it.  For example, with my wreath, I thought of it in terms of a circle with a hole in the middle. Then I figured out how to make that. When you crochet, think of the basic shapes of what you are making and try to determine how to make those shapes. You can always sew pieces together or embellish things as needed.

I make mine using size 10 crochet thread and a larger steel hook. I used a size 7, but any hook for thread would do since gauge is not important.

Thread Wreath Ornament:

Make 2 circles:

1. Chain 30 and join

2. Chain 2 (counts as first Double crochet) and Double crochet (DC) in remaining stitches. Join

3. Chain 2, then DC in 1st stitch. 2 DC in each remaining stitch. Join

4. Chain 2 . 2 DC in next stitch. 1 DC in 3rd stitch, 2 DC in 4th stitch. Continue (1 DC, 2 DC) pattern all the way around. Join and finish off ends.

To decorate:

Sew tiny beads and a little bow on the right side of one of your circles. You can do this either before or after you assemble the wreath.

To assemble:

Line circles up wrong sides together and single crochet through both circles to attach them. This makes the wreath thicker for hanging and gives the ornament a finished appearance on both sides. Do this for the outside and inside edges of the wreath. Finish off ends.

Hanger (optional):

You can attach a metal hanger to the top, but I make a chain about 50 chains long. Single crochet in 2nd chain and remaining stitches. Fold in half, then sew on the top of the wreath.

You can starch this if you want to, but I don’t starch mine. The double layers makes the ornament have a good amount of structure to hand on the tree without getting distorted. If you starch yours, I’d recommend doing each thickness separately before adding the decorations or assembling the wreath.


Pattern is for PERSONAL USE only. Do not sell the pattern itself nor the finished item you make from it. You are more than welcome to make as many as you wish for yourself or for gifts. Just please do not sell them or the pattern. Thank you for understanding.

These little crochet ornaments are great for the tree, but are also perfect as gift toppers on a present or to hang on gift bags.
Source: cozyhomescenes.blogspot.com