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Christmas ornament: Paper Snowflake Tutorial

Christmas's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Kirigami, Making flower, Paper crafts  |  November 14th 2011  |  0 Comment


Christmas ornament: Paper Snowflake Tutorial

Here is a tutorial for a stunning paper snowflake that is approx. 20 inches in diameter. It’s a real show stopper! The tutorial might seem a bit daunting, but it’s really easy and quick to make. Just a lot of small steps that need explanation.

All you need is printer paper, scissors and glue. I like to use photo dots, but simple crafting glue works just fine, too.

1. Fold your paper diagonally and cut off at the edge so you have a sqare.

2. Fold diagonally again. Hold the paper so that the fold is nearest your body and the longest (open) side of the rectangle is on the right.

3. Make two cuts parallel to the longest side of the rectangle. The cut closer to the edge should end approx. 1 inch from the upper edge. The second cut should be shorter.
You can experiment with the spacing. I made the first cut approx. 1/2 inch from the right edge and the second 1/2 inch from the first. But it is really up to you.
4. Now unfold your paper and it should look like this:
If it doesn’t you went wrong when holding and cutting the rectangle.
5. Smooth the creases a bit and then put a dot of glue onto the inner corner. Roll up both sides and glue together.
If you are using crafting glue, you might want to secure the glued joint with a clothes pin or paper clip until dry.
6. Now flip the paper over to the other side and place a dot of glue onto the next corner. Roll up and glue together.
7. Flip over again and repeat with the outer corners.
 Your paper form should look something like this:
8. You will need seven of these paper forms for one paper star. Place them in a row facing in the same direction.
9. Take two forms and glue them together at the joints. Again you might want to use paper clips or clothes pins to secure everything.
10. Now also join the forms at one end. This will become the center of the star or snowflake.
11. Now add the other forms one after the other. Last, glue the first and the last form together to come full circle.
Of course you can also use coloured paper or patternrd paper for this star. Or use paper from a small notepad for a smaller version.