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Christmas decoration: a soft knitted heart

Amirugumi, Crochet, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Needle crafts, Valentine's day  |  May 18th 2011  |  0 Comment

Christmas decoration: a soft knitted heart

Today I suggest you do as an ornament on the tree symbol of love – soft crocheted heart.


There are several hypotheses as to why the heart represents love. On one of them, an Indian heart – nothing like the image fused in close alliance auras men and women. Symbol of unity and strength of relationships.


Give your loved ones the same heart, hand made with love. And let the new year it will serve as a wonderful talisman to your family and friends.






• remnants of thread, match the color.

We took the green, blue, and thread color of white gold.

• hook of appropriate size.

• packing white beads.

• needle and thin thread of tone.

• soft filler for pillows.

• “Golden” waxed thread.






Getting Started:


Knitting will be the basis for the left diagram.


Alternating blue and green yarn, tie the two bases (the thickness of each strip – 2 series).

Left apex of a heart knit symmetrically right (rows 21 – 27).


Combine both halves of the foundations of a number of columns without nakida (see diagram)


Fill the interior of the heart soft filler for pillows.



Take a thin thread in the tone and use it to sew around the perimeter of a white heart beads.


Pass the golden waxed cord. With it, the heart will be hung on the tree.


As the arrows piercing a heart, you can take, for example, stick to sushi, to shorten it, sharpen, and then pierced her heart is.



If you decide to associate a single color hearts, try to decorate it with gold cord.


To do this, tie a ready heart of a row of eyelets (green outline on the diagram at the beginning of the article). And then a few ryaz gold cord wrap the heart, every time threading it through the resulting loop (see photo).


Tie a Christmas tree , and to her – a knitted heart. Your gift set is ready!



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