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Christmas crafts for kids: Sewing Christmas tree for gifts

Christmas's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Sewing  |  January 9th 2012  |  0 Comment

Christmas crafts for kids: Sewing Christmas tree for gifts

The time is approaching when we begin to deliver gifts under the Christmas tree and congratulate each other on Christmas. One of these days will be meeting at the club, that’s getting ready … Long time to figure out what I could sew. Americans do not like practical gifts, but I do not like to give useless.
Nashila trees, tack, united two in one – both for business and for fun. I hope everyone will like and will suffice. You never know how many people will come.

Tissue to keep the idea of ​​a Christmas tree, it turned out a bit, so use a variety of ornaments, and along with some decorative stitches on your machine tried. Stegall with gold thread, while not over, and then in turn went “diamond” white, well, beads with paetkami. In fact, even two identical tack did not work, except for the last five, they had run out a fantasy.

Cutting fabric into 1/2 circle to sewing the cone.

All thoughtfully organized. The site can look and designs, and instructions for tailoring print, and video at your service, take-necks and raduy people, inspiring them hope.


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