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Christmas crafts for kids: Christmas balls tutorial

Christmas's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making toys, Paper crafts  |  January 3rd 2012  |  0 Comment

Christmas crafts for kids: Christmas balls tutorial


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It’s not hard!

Must be reserved by:
- A pack of napkins (the softer the better)
- A roll of foil
- A jar of PVA glue with a brush
- Multi-colored wool and woolen threads
- Ribbon, cord, rope …
- Pins with decorative heads
- Other beauty to the best fantasy
It seems all … You can begin to describe the process

1. Tissue from 4-5 to squeeze a ball tightly. If possible, wrap it with a sheet evenly foil

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Новогодняя кухня IMG_4

2. Roll the balls on the table until they become approximately equal. From the silver cord loops make them. So as not to waste a lot of decorative cord, the ball can just tie a strong thread and cord for outdoor use only the loop.


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Новогодняя кухня IMG_6

3. Now it’s pleasant – sit and tear on the tissues into small pieces. When plucked the mountain twice in 3 more than in the photo, and fill it with water in the water and continue to grind pieces. Maybe you can help yourself and a mixer, but if the paper is too good to be hard to overcome vzobetsya excess water. Wrung lightly mix with a lot of white glue to the density of Child Agusha curds (the first things to think about poking a finger in there). And then – hung on a stick balls evenly breaking out of the thick mass of 2-3-4 mm, and leave to dry for 2 days.

Новогодняя кухня IMG_7//

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4. Now you can start dekorirorvat. We take all the beauty and stockpiled begin to dream. Little by little ball and were coated with PVA to wind thread stripes or 2 threads at once … or you can sprinkle artificial snow.//

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Новогодняя кухня IMG_93

5. … and side bow

Happy Christmas and New year!

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