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Christmas craft ideas: Transparent Cone Tree

Christmas's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  December 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

Transparent Cone Tree with snow inside.

1.YA came up and made one more herringbone-transparent snow inside.  For this Christmas trees I did not use anything that would have to specifically buy in the store!
I used to work:
* Clear plastic (the cover of gift packaging)
* Lid of drinking yoghurt for podstavochki
* Wooden skewers
* A piece of foam for snow
* Lid of cans of cream to the bottom of the cone
* Different ribbons found in stockpiles
* Moment of glue and superglue Contact
* Small terochku
2. Of a thin transparent plastic I cut a quarter of a circle of radius 18 cm radius, I pointed you to understand the size of my Christmas tree. The reason will show next.

3. With the help of a transparent adhesive glued moment cone.

4. I chose the blue ribbons and applying a thin line of glue on the transparent base of the cone began to stick braid, and then, spiraling up, after applying the glue.

5.Poluchilas harvesting Christmas trees. On the tape, I cut off with pompoms pompons and decorated their Christmas tree.

6. I wanted to make clear the bottom of the Christmas tree. And under my Christmas tree size (radius of the workpiece for Christmas trees 18 cm) well cap came from sour cream.

I had cut too much from the Caps, examples of the base of Christmas trees. Left a side – this will increase the area of ​​bonding.
For legs, I picked up the Christmas tree cap from drinking yoghurt.
7. For decor, I filled the cap and covered with synthetic padding gliterom.

8. Superglue (I have adhesive contact) I taped the lid to the bottom of a herringbone pattern.
9. That’s what will be the base Christmas tree.

10. Fitting is successful, the foundation had to fit Christmas tree, but in my opinion something is missing …
I would like to revive the Christmas tree.

I’ll try to make snow and Christmas trees inside nasyplyu …
11. I found a piece of foam, and tried to rub …
First, try to do it for sawing the legs – not like it.

A mini-terochke snow has turned to small and neat. (A friend bought me terochku in store Auchan)
12. Snowball fell asleep inside the trees and taped to the bottom.
13. Everything came perfectly!
I struck the point of liquid pearls on a cone in order to support the theme of snow inside.

Read more: http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/kozyakova-olga/album/170442/