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Christmas craft ideas: santa cup for Christmas

Christmas's day, Clay, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  December 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

Christmas craft ideas: santa cup for Christmas
Polime clay Santa cup tutorial
Cups of Santa Claus in Cold Porcelain

To start is very important to clean the cup with an alcohol wipe to remove grease. Mass dyed skin color, form a sphere, flattened and tail (Poquita amount because if we put a lot of sliding mass and is not attached) paste on the cup. With mass white tinged beard do, from a field, double-headed refine turn up and flattened it.


Paste the beard on the face with a small roll do the mouth, insert the roll and then we get and we form the lower lip, repeat the procedure by inserting the bobbin and move it gently up and sides to achieve the shape of the mouth as if to say “O”, Whiskers are two white balls tuned to an end, we shape and paste it over your mouth.

The nose is a skin-colored ball of dough to paste in the gap formed between the whiskers, insert two black beads for eyes.

The cap is a sphere of mass dyed red refine and stretch it as shown in the figure, mark the fold with a modeling tool and bend down, flatten the broad and paste on the head.

For details of the hat, white dough ball to make a texture with a bundle of sticks, glue on the end of the cap, same we do with the strip around the base of the cap.

Let’s make some candy to stick around the bowl. We white and red mass, form balls that stretch, we put the two together and TORZA strips when they are even put on the table and back to stretch gently to melt the two strips, cut and fold one end down. Paste in the bowl with a little tail.

Final details: put a little blush on the nose and cheeks. White acrylic paint with little stars on his cap. In the skin of the cap we grivré. Everything painted semi-gloss acrylic varnish.


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