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Christmas craft ideas: Felt ball tutorial

Christmas's day, Felt, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Sewing  |  January 7th 2012  |  0 Comment

Christmas craft ideas: Felt ball tutorial

The idea to make these balls, I had a year ago after I saw the felted balls decorating the Christmas tree stylist Eva Lindh. There are, however, I believe, made an industrial way, but we do with your manual production, but with the help of a washing machine can handle. After all, even those who like me did not understand anything in felting, you know that if my father’s wool socks washed in a washing machine, get boots for the younger son. :) So there will be fooling – this is probably the best known and easiest method of making beads.

You will need:

  • remnants of wool yarns
  • wool for felting
  • list of thin felt
  • threads for embroidery
  • beads
  • ribbon
  • needle and pins
  • washing machine
  • long sock

Make a ball using remnants of wool yarns.

Tear off a small piece of wool for felting and put it on the ball. Put the next piece of wool in a different direction.

Put the sock into a washing machine and wash it with high temperature using detergent. Your balls are ready. Dry them (it can take couple of days if balls are big).

Add several beads for more glamorous look. Sew the ribbon on the top of the ball.

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