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Christmas craft ideas: decorative Christmas candles tutorial

Candle, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  December 19th 2011  |  0 Comment

Christmas craft ideas: decorative Christmas candles tutorial
New Year – the best reason to light a candle in the house, creating an atmosphere of magic in it. A candle to look in the New Year, we offer to decorate their holiday decor.

For decorative Christmas candles you’ll need the following tools and materials:
• a pencil;
• white gel candles for painting;
• pins;
• pliers;
• roses of red and white satin ribbon;
• beads and large beads;
• thin satin ribbons.

Step 1. Pencil will draw on the sides of candles conceived pattern. Prorisuem it with white gel candles for decoration and give the picture to dry.

Step 2. Nanizhite beads, beads and rosettes on a pin. If the pins are too long, shorten them down to size with a pair of pliers.

Step 3. If you draw a gel image is dry, decorate the candle prepared decor: insert in its side pins with roses, gathered them in the composition in the form of the heart, the bouquet, or “scattered” Flowers on the entire surface of the candle.

Step 4. We continue to make out a candle with beads and beading.

Step 5. Christmas candles can be made more decorative and interesting, tying their long, thin ribbons.

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