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Christmas craft ideas: Christmas trees tutorial

Christmas's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  December 17th 2011  |  0 Comment


Christmas craft ideas: Christmas trees tutorial

For the manufacture of Christmas tree you need:
Sisal, paper, A4 (pattern), the color of sisal yarn, scissors, needle and jewelry.

1. Paper making pattern – ¼ circle with a radius of 20 cm For this we use a ruler to make a mark in every inch.

2. Cut the resulting pattern.


3. On pattern of sisal cut two semicircles.
4. To identify the midline of a semicircle add up the two. The middle of a segment in front of the arc will crown a Christmas tree.

5. Sisal tighten the cone. Fluff to the desired size.

6. Tighten in the second semi-circle cone made ​​of sisal. We put on it on the first cone and fluff.

7. Small inconspicuous stitches stitches and vertical cut in a circle at the base.

8. Base trim Christmas trees.

9. Christmas tree ready to decorate. Small ornaments can sew or glue.

10. And the finished result.


Happy Christmas!
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