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Christmas craft ideas: Christmas toys and Christmas decorations

Christmas's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Paper crafts  |  December 19th 2011  |  1 Comment

Christmas craft ideas: Christmas toys and Christmas decorations
New Year’s toys made with his own hands – it’s always something special. They are warm and cozy home, and certainly an interesting gift. In addition, they are always original and undoubtedly attract the attention of all visitors.
At the same time to make New Year’s toys with their hands is not difficult. Let’s start here with these fir-trees:)

To begin cut out of cardboard blanks for future firs (my Christmas tree 12 cm in height and 9 – in width). I use this for kraft paperboard – it is quite thick, to withstand a variety of manipulations, and also easy on the eye.

Option 1. Lace plus paper. Time to produce 15 minutes.With the help of the sewing machine sew the bottom edge of herringbone cotton lace. Not to be mistaken with the length of the segment of lace, I first sewed it, and then cut off.

Depart from the sewn edge distance of about one and a half times greater than the width of lace, and sew the next frill. In order to make the process of sewing the lace is not crawled up or down, I make a pencil mark, to which I need to go.

In the same way all the frills to sew Christmas tree.

Of paper scrapbooking cut out segments of width and a half times the width of lace, one of the long edges which make lace with shaped hole punch or scissors.

Carefully glue the strip under the lace, if desired flash them on the typewriter.

Cut off the excess paper. As a result we have obtained here is a Christmas tree. On it you can apply glitter, snow flakes, paste pearls – just to decorate to your liking.

Turnover looks like, but we are not worried about it yet:), we will deal them a little later.

Variants of the same Christmas tree: instead of a paper lace you can use any ribbon sewn as well as lace, or decorative ribbons with rosettes.

Option 2. Lace plus mini-buttons of. Time to produce 15 minutes.

Getting the same way as in the first version – sew lace.

Next to plot the gaps between the strips of lace glue that holds a good small decorations.

We are waiting for 1-2 minutes to glue a little “pick”, then in a chaotic manner Glue on buttons of his mini.

Actually, I – it was a big fan of sewn pugovichek, but in this case, my hand trembled:) and I decided to put a needle and thread and use a more simple and fast way.

Other variations on this theme: instead of the mini-pugovichek – any of the usual buttons or rhinestones or pearls or small paper roses.

Option 3. Vellum plus mikrobiser. Time to produce 10 minutes.

We need a thin tracing paper, which must be ruthlessly crush.

On the basis of Christmas trees for a thin layer of glue is applied. In this case, I use all-purpose adhesive UHU Twist and Glue – it has a convenient applicator for applying and he comes through even in the thinnest paper.

Impose on tracing paper crumpled piece.

We turn, cut the excess.

In folds formed bruising tracing paper, glue is applied to small ornaments or transparent craquelure Ranger (I like to stick to the default mikrobiser craquelure).

Keeping the Christmas tree at an angle, sprinkle it mikrobiserom so that he fell into the crease, which we missed glue (craquelure). For my Christmas tree I used mikrobiser two colors – sky blue and silver. Attention! Pour mikrobiserom better over some capacity with borders, for example, a box or bowl. So you will be more convenient to pour its surplus back into the jar.

We provide the glue to grab and shake off Christmas trees

Option 4. Vellum plus flowers. Time to produce 5 minutes.

We continue to experiment with mint rubber stamp:). Glue it to our base.

Glue flowers Resin Blossoms.

Fast, unpretentious and cute:)

Option 5. Tape-mesh and acrylic paint. Time to produce 30-35 minutes (including drying time for paint).

With a brush or sponge to inflict plenty of Christmas tree acrylic paint, so that got this textured surface.

Give the paint posohnut 2-3 minutes and place on top of her tape-grid. Presses her hands to her slightly stuck to the paint.

Cut the excess tape and give the paint to dry.

n those places where the tape does not attach to the paint, glue it in any liquid glue or glitter Ranger.

Decorate Christmas tree jewels of different sizes and colors.

Option 6. Circles, flowers. Time to produce 40-45 minutes.

Cut out lots and lots and lots of small circles:) – 1.5-2 cm in diameter. You can do this by simply punch or scissors. The correctness of the circles does not play a role.

Thoroughly crushes them.

Take a knitting needle or any other similar to it on a stick and put on the tip of a circle.

On the resulting base circle of the former inflict a bit of glue (I recommend once again Glossy Accents adhesive or varnish UHU) and presses the needle circle to the workpiece-tree.

Repeat all the same thing with the second, third, fourth … in a circle, until it fills the entire space of Christmas trees.

it’s better to do this series, with first place in the ranks of the extreme circles, and then fill in the middle of a. So get the same series-dense and shapely:).

Option 7. Stamps and circles. Time to produce about 20-25 minutes.

Not bothered to cut out circles? :) Then move on.

On paper with a discreet uniform pattern prints put any round or close to it a stamp.

Cut the resulting otshtampovki using punch-range or with scissors.

Cut circles in half.

Fold each half on the principle of a fan.

Draw the tip of the fan a bit of glue …

And paste it in the blank-tree.

Just doing all harvested polukruzhkami, sticking them in rows and filling the Christmas tree from the bottom up.

Decorate with pearls or rhinestones glue.

Option 8. Decorative tape plus your imagination:) Time to produce 3 minutes.

Paste herringbone decorative tape.

And we get a perfect “platform” for the realization of all dreams:)

For example, you can put on a Christmas tree and decorate butterflies dyrokolnyh all pearls.

Or use a tape with butterflies in the background …

A top stick on transparent double sided tape cotton lace.

Of the remaining Christmas trees from Number 7 circles to gather flowers and decorate it all pearls.

Or stick to the Christmas tree frame of chipborda, pre-colored with white acrylic paint.

Golden ribbon-grid length of about 12-15 cm add up randomly and glue to the tree.

Glue the flower on top and any other decorations to your taste – I have here painted with gold paint and glue acorns pearls.

Option 9. Texture paste plus beads. Time for the manufacture of 10 minutes plus time for drying pasta.

Blank cover with a thick layer of texture paste.

Do not wait until the pasta is dry, pour on top bead, lightly pushing them into a paste.

Instead, the beads can be used again mikrobiser both one and several colors.

Now for the other side of the firs.

In the process of creating the firs I think of that can be used like this:

- As Christmas toys to decorate the Christmas tree

- As tabs on the back which you can write a greeting and attach it to a New Year’s gifts

- For the decoration of Christmas cards.
In the first two cases we need to draw the minimum speed firs and make sure that they can be hung.

For registration turnover we cut out of the ordinary or suitable for color-scrap of paper the same tree.

And glue it to the turnover.

At the top of the Christmas tree set the eyelet.

Take a waxed cord and any suitable color and style of ribbon and laid with them, as shown in the photo.

Tying of the ribbon bow, leaving the waxed cord inside the site. Ends of the cord tied in a knot and our Christmas tree is ready! :)

In general, the design options you can think of firs endless! In the process of their creation, they will need you!

Merry Christmas!
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