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Christmas craft ideas: Christmas Star bouquet

Christmas's day, Flower arrangement, Holiday & seasonal crafts  |  January 5th 2012  |  0 Comment

Christmas craft ideas: Christmas Star bouquet
Our Christmas bouquet can be done with his own hands at home. It – the symbols of the upcoming holidays: Christmas star and fir branches. It will adorn the holiday table and will be appropriate as a gift, if you decide to go to family or friends.

One of the main trends of the New Year decorations 2011 – purple. Take this into account when choosing flowers and Christmas decorations for our holiday songs.

You will need:

- 3-4 purple-violet eustomy,
- Floral sponge “piaflor”
- Branches of spruce,
- Pink raffia,
- Thick aluminum wire,
- A thin wire-Bulyonkov,
- Christmas balls purple
- Wrapping paper with a purple pattern,
- Florist wire
- Silver beads on a thin wire,
- Knife, scissors, secateurs

irst, we need to make a frame for a bouquet. To do this, bend thick wire in the form of stars, held together by its ends. Make a frame for “legs” of the same aluminum wire.

Wraps all the “rays” star wire with silver beads. We leave free only the middle: here we will insert the flowers.

Tie purple Christmas tree balls to the “Rays” star with the help of a wire-Bulyonkov. Our framework is in the New Year bright.

Cut a sponge, “piaflor” few cubes of size 1 x 1 cm, wrap them packing paper, glue the ends. We need to get small “gift” boxes.

Gifts are usually decorated with ribbons. So we tie our “cubes” pink raffia thread.

We put in the middle “star” eustomy twigs, branches from the bottom frame have eaten. Tying the stems of the bouquet raffia or plastic tape technology.

Stick “gift” boxes on the floral wire and use them to attach to our cubes “rays” stars.Pruning shears ends of the stems of the bouquet: they should not be too long. Place the bouquet in a vase and set on a permanent place. Does not that our Christmas star looks magical and beautiful against the bright green needles? It will make the atmosphere of your home a little romance and be sure to create a festive mood.

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