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Christmas card tutorial

Cards, Christmas's day, Cutting paper, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Paper crafts  |  May 26th 2011  |  0 Comment

For most people, New Year’s Eve – the most favorite holiday. This festival is invariably accompanied by joyful worries and cares. Just in time for such a pleasant can be attributed to the efforts of the choice of Christmas cards.

новогодняя открытка своими руками

To have your card as a memorable and stand out from the masses obshey already donated, make postcards to be with their own hands. That’s what we will. The main decoration of our Christmas cards will be mitten.




  • white cardboard
  • colored paper (color choices)
  • colored wool threads
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pattern mittens


1. Fold in half a sheet of white cardboard. Then repeat the same thing with a sheet of colored paper. Cut half of a folded sheet of colored paper and glue it onto the front of a folded piece of white cardboard.
2. Template mittens, print it out and cut. Carved pattern mittens impose on another sheet of paper you’ve chosen the color, contour and cut out the circle. Stick the mitten on our card.
3. At the base of mittens make a few holes at equal distance from each other, to which the tie colored wool threads. Also, colored threads should be zavyazochki on a postcard.
4. If desired, our mitten can be redecorated with colored stripes or cause any figure …. And so on.

Template mittens here

Using pattern mittens, you can make several versions of cards. For example, as in the photo below.

новогодняя открытка своими руками

новогодняя откытка своими руками

новогодняя открытка своими руками


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