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Chinese embroidered pictures

Embroidery, Needle crafts  |  June 29th 2011  |  0 Comment
Silk Paintings: Poultry, fish and animals. 

offer you the unique works of Chinese masters silk embroidery on silk,

 (700x593, 206Kb)

 (694x699, 487Kb)

 (544x468, 123Kb)

 (700x671, 190Kb)

 (699x684, 325Kb)

 (699x554, 182Kb)

 (553x699, 77Kb)

 (499x699, 148Kb)

 (700x516, 161Kb)

 (434x699, 218Kb)

 (525x700, 55Kb)

 (699x651, 203Kb)

 (513x699, 76Kb)

 (700x688, 295Kb)

 (700x677, 300Kb)

 (700x692, 132Kb)

 (700x525, 137Kb)

 (420x698, 224Kb)

 (700x696, 320Kb)

 (692x699, 493Kb)

 (697x699, 338Kb)

 (673x699, 166Kb)

 (700x693, 474Kb)

 (700x689, 139Kb)

 (525x700, 93Kb)

 (699x366, 171Kb)

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