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Cheerful pot of tack as a gift to March 8. Decor

Flower arrangement, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Other crafts  |  May 24th 2011  |  0 Comment
готовый букет на 8 марта с полотенцами прихватками и лопатками своими руками
Remember the fairy tale in which the sentenced “pot, boil? Our today’s article about the pot from a fairy tale in which you want to impose “a pot, the color!”

Such an unusual and very fun track easy to do, for example, dad with children as a gift to my mother on March 8 or for Valentine’s Day.

Work on this flower – a kitchen masterpiece will bring much joy, do not require special material costs.

инструменты и материалы для работы над горшком с прихватками и цветами своими руками

For the work we need:


  • yellow spray chrysanthemums (approximately five branches),
  • fern Nephrolepis,
  • twig bupleruma,
  • small plastic pots,
  • one kitchen towel, and two pot holders,
  • three wooden kitchen spatula
  • green raffia,
  • a handful of colored pasta
  • floral clips (or wire for replacement)
  • yellow or orange coconut fiber,
  • plastic film,
  • Glue “Moment”
  • floral oasis “,
  • knife and scissors.

Using the glue stick on one makaronine each bracket.


Several makaronin attach to each of the wooden spatulas. Wait until the glue dries. Instead of special floral staples can be used sliced ​​and bent in the form of a thick wire staples. If your spatula has holes, you can makaroniny not stick, and fasten in the holes with a wire.
украшения для флористической композиции на 8 марта из цветных макарон

Wrap the plastic pot with a tea towel.

Towel and potholders should be bright, it is better red, with a beautiful figure, for example, in the form of hearts. Then the floristic composition will be a great gift not only on March 8, but on Valentine’s Day!

Towel good lock on the pot with wire staples. You can hem the edge of invisible thread to match the towels. Using staples to attach the pots and pot holders.
украшаем кашпо полотенцем и прихватками

Now for an “oasis”. Buy this floral “sponge” can be specialized in floral shops.

Pre-oasis “to soak in water. To do this in a fairly large bowl pour in the water (cool or room temperature). Cut a piece of “oasis” of the necessary size (the size of the pot). Dry “oasis” carefully put on the surface of the water and wait until its complete immersion in water.

In no case do not press the “oasis”. He must immerse himself alone in the water. Then wrap “oasis” with plastic wrap, leaving one side open.
оборачиваем флористическую губку плёнкой

We make a few turns of raffia around the pot with a tack. Secure it with raffia for a couple of pots wooden blades. Tie a nice bow of raffia. Raffia can be optionally replaced by a beautiful ribbon.
украшаем кашпо для флористической композиции на 8 марта рафией своими руками

Carefully prepared embed “oasis” in a pot. Edge of the “oasis” must be on a level with the edge of pots. If necessary, Put a crumpled paper (the paper) under a piece of “oasis”.
помещаем флористическую губку в кашпо

Zadekoriruem visible surface of the oasis with colored coconut fiber, consolidating its staples. For decoration you can use any color fabric with even just a very thin straw and wood shavings.
прячем флористическую губку под цветным волокном кокоса, соломой или стружкой

Short cuts chrysanthemums, leaves and fern Nephrolepis buplerum. Sticks stems of plants in the “oasis”, forming a dense flat “cap”. Like little suns, flowers, chrysanthemum bush varieties tedcha improved greatly to the performance of this song, but you can choose any other shrub yellow or orange chrysanthemum. Greenery is also possible to take another example asparagus and bacon. In this case, you get another, certainly no less beautiful bouquet.

A little finishing touch, a wooden paddle with a backdrop of pasta, carefully stuck among the flowers.

украшаем букет на 8 марта кухонной деревянной лопаточкой

We simply unique and original composition is prepared. And doubly valuable that made ​​this track their own hands andwith great love!

готовый букет на 8 марта с полотенцами прихватками и лопатками своими руками


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