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Charming Christmas decorations

Christmas's day, Crochet  |  May 26th 2013  |  0 Comment

applications 27

Charming Christmas decorations, among pines, bells, angels, stars, placemats, Father Christmas, accompanied by their free charts!



Snowmen colored snow

applications 27.


noel 12 de cicikore

Bells hanging


noel 12. de cicikore



noel 20..


noel 20

Crochet Stars and snowflakes


noel 20.


noel 23..


noel 23

Crochet garlands bells


noel 23.


dessous de sapin

Below tree


dessous de sapin.


dessous de sapin..


ange 1

Angel with gold trim


ange 1.



Fir with white borders




noel 25

colorful Tree


noel 25.


noel 24

Doily with 3 colors, star-shaped


noel 24.


sapin 3

Guirlande de sapins


noel 11 de cicikore

Various tree decorating


noel 11 de cicikore.


noel 10 de cicikore


noel 10 de cicikore.


napperon étoile et cloches

White doily decorated bell, star-shaped


napperon étoile et cloches.


noel 14. de cicikore.

crochet snowman and Christmas tree, Small decorations or gifts for pockets


noel 14. de cicikore


noel 16

Angel with white wings


noel 16..


noel 16.


noel 22

Crochet Star suspend

I wish a good hook to all those who would like to achieve those pretty Christmas decoration!


noel 22.


applications 27