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    Cards, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Paper crafts, Tags  |  0 Commentcrafts tutorial: pretty fabric scrap gift tags

    Crafts tutorial: PRETTY FABRIC SCRAP GIFT TAGS Hello lovelies.  I thought I'd share a little tutorial with you for these simple and sweet Fabric Scrap Gift Tags.  They are such a great way to give new life to any fabric bits and pieces you have laying around that you just can't throw away.  I started making these a while ago as a way to display fabric clippings on my inspiration wire and they always make me smile.  It would be easy

  • Free printable Tags Cards & Stickers for gifts and more

    Cards, Paper crafts, Tags  |  0 Commentfree printable tags cards & stickers for gifts and more

    Free printable Tags Cards & Stickers for gifts and more To make the gift giving and blessing process hassle free, we have designed a range of tags, stickers and cards based on our calendar design. Simply print these out onto a thick paper stock or sticky label and voilá you have a care free way of attaching a Birthday message on any gift, be it a bottle of wine, flowers or a jar of sweeties. We had great fun photographing the project

  • Funny and creative game for kids: paper crafts

    Cards, Making toys, Painting, Paper crafts, Tags  |  0 Commentfunny and creative game for kids: paper crafts

    picnic food book After using corrugated cardboard to make the trees on our red bird, blue bird cards I started thinking of what other household things you could use to make stamps with. Turns out there are quite a few things... The cover of or picnic book was easy to make. I just cut a piece of checkered paper (like a picnic blanket) and Claire used her thumb to make some ants. Draw on some legs and antennas, add some googly eyes

  • Paper crafts for decor and gifts: A Paint Chip Craze!

    Cards, Paper crafts, Tags  |  0 Commentpaper crafts for decor and gifts: a paint chip craze!

    Colourful fun! Paper crafts for decor and gifts: A Paint Chip Craze! There is something strange going on out there.  So many people, myself included, are being charmed by paint chips. Yes paint chips.  Why you ask?  Well I don't really know. But they are kind of pretty. And there are a few cute things you can do with them.  I don't know about you, but I have a stack of them around, because I'm constantly thinking about painting something.  And the kids seem to bring

  • Gift presents for holiday and gifts: Stitchable Gift Tags Template, embroidery patterns

    Cards, Embroidery, Paper crafts, Tags  |  0 Commentgift presents for holiday and gifts: stitchable gift tags template, embroidery patterns

    Here's a super quick embroidered gift tag tutorial for those extra special gifts. Pish, it looks more difficult than it is, so let's do this! Who: You! What: Embroidered Gift Tags When: Right now! It'll take 30-45 minutes, tops (unless you need to get some of the supplies) Difficulty Level: Simple and Easy You'll need: *Gift Tag Template (download below) * Light-weight Cardstock (index or Bristol Board, avail at any art supply store) *Embroidery floss in festive hues *Embroidery scissors *Embroidery Needle INSTRUCTIONS For this project, there's a template (download below) for you to follow,

  • Mothers day gift: Mother’s Day Breakfast + Free Printable

    Cards, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Mother's day, Paper crafts, Tags  |  0 Commentmothers day gift: mother’s day breakfast + free printable

    Mother’s Day is so soon! here is a sweet little way to personalize the breakfast in bed ritual. It’s a free printable pdf that allows you to put little notes and memories on flags and stick it in the breakfast food. It’s very easy to do (just add glue and toothpicks!) so kids can do this. See the instructions below. Mothers day gift: Mother’s Day Breakfast + Free Printable Materials: Printable PDF, toothpicks, glue and tape. Step One: Print out pdf and cut

  • Paper Boxes and tags for gifts

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making cards, Origami, Paper crafts, Tags  |  0 Commentpaper boxes and tags for gifts

    file folder gift boxes These gift boxes are made from items found around our house. While rummaging though our office supplies, I came across a big box of red file folders. The color was not my first choice, but in the spirit of giving simple gifts, I thought it best to use what we have instead of buying new. I discovered that 3.5"x3.5"x2" boxes are a great size for the bird seed ornaments. Materials: file folders (cardstock, cardboard, etc. will work too) ruler scissors glue gun ribbon tags First, make a

  • Holiday craft for kids: Happy Tickets

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making cards, Paper crafts, Tags  |  0 Commentholiday craft for kids: happy tickets

        Holiday craft for kids Happy Tickets tutoriral Positive reinforcement works! When my kids start to get a little crazy wild unruly restless we always try to change things up a little. I found these tickets while searching for a new reward system. Happy Tickets!!! GENIUS!  Quickly, I printed these tickets on linen card stock, cut on the lines, and put in a baggie.  After one day, my daughter is more willing to share with her brother and get things done {she is as slow as molasses}

  • Craft markers and more ideas: Retro-tastic garden markers

    Cards, Garden, Home and garden, Paper crafts, Tags  |  0 Commentcraft markers and more ideas: retro-tastic garden markers

    Craft markers and more ideas:  Retro-tastic garden markers Craft tutorials I've been sowing my winter veg garden, and because I'm a little on the lazy side I usually throw the seeds straight in to the soil and wait for something to happen. Fair enough you say, not lazy just practical. But the problem is, by the time anything sprouts I've totally forgotten what I've planted. So I had a brilliant idea! Waterproof, recycled, retro-tastic mini garden markers made from stuff I had lying

  • Star book tutorial

    Cards, Making flower, Origami, Paper crafts, Scrapbooking, Tags  |  1 Commentstar book tutorial

    These tags are 3 1 / 8 "wide and 6 1 / 4" long. Cut seven tags that are 4 1 / 2 "long cutting from the end opposite the hole. You will then take six tags that are uncut, in their original size and fold them in half. I like to use my mini scor-it to do this.Note the stopper on the upper left hand corner? Once you set the stopper, you don't have to measure any of the other tags for that

  • Interesting work with tags

    Cards, Paper crafts, Scrapbooking, Tags  |  0 Commentinteresting work with tags

  • Pocket, Tag and Envelope templates for 5 “CD calendar

    Cutting paper, Making cards, Origami, Scrapbooking, Tags, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentpocket, tag and envelope templates for 5 “cd calendar

    OK, Pocket T is going to be first. Just want to make sure you know these are "valley folds": And these are "mountain" folds: So, everything on pocket T is a valley fold and you might want to use a bone folder to press all the folds flat: When done, it's a simple little unembellished envelope just to get you started: Next is pocket M from the first sheet. You want to cut it out: Here, I am showing how you can mix papers on a pocket

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