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Category: Tatting

  • So cute tatting shoes

    Needle crafts, Tatting  |  0 Commentso cute tatting shoes

    So cute tatting shoes  

  • Christmas tatting angel

    Christmas's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Tatting  |  0 Commentchristmas tatting angel

    These doodle are quick to make when you have just a bit of thread left. I like to stick them on gift tags.   Christmas tatting angel Angel: Ring:  6,long picot(halo),6, cl Ring2: 1,very long picot (wing),9-1-1-1-1-1-1-9, very long picot, 1, close, tie and finish. Jumpy Guy Doodle: Ring 1: 6-1-1-1-6, close Ring 2: 3, long picot for arm, 8, very very long picot for legs, 8, long picot for arm, 3 Tie and finish. Cut picots on first ring open and fluff for hair. Twist picots for arms. Cut open

  • Crafts lessons: Tatting Cluny Leaves by Hand

    Tatting  |  0 Commentcrafts lessons: tatting cluny leaves by hand

    Tatting Cluny Leaves by Hand - Needle Tatter's Version Making cluny leaves requires 3 basic actions: Make a loom on your left hand Weave the leaf on the loom, shaping the leaf as you weave, first wider, then narrowing at the top Pull the excess loom threads through the leaf, top loop before bottom loop Experience also shows me that students find this process easier to do once they have seen it in action. Therefore I also recommend that you read through these directions

  • Crafty jewelry: tatting jewelry, beautiful craft ideas, Craft stores

    Jewelry making, Tatting  |  0 Commentcrafty jewelry: tatting jewelry, beautiful craft ideas, craft stores

      Crafty jewelry: tatting jewelry, beautiful craft ideas, Craft stores                                   Knitted jewelry by KnotTherapy Saratoga Springs, Utah, USA Source:etsy.com/people/KnotTherapy?ref=ls_profile

  • Craft lessons: Lace fan! Tatting tutorial

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Tatting  |  0 Commentcraft lessons: lace fan! tatting tutorial

    The word "tatting" is borrowed from French. Italians call this type of lace "occhi", ie, the "eyes" (compare with the Russian "eyes"), for its characteristic shape of eyes. Occurs and one more name: "shuttle lace" - by making him drunk for the instrument. Craft lessons:  Lace fan! Tatting tutorial The technology is based solely on tatting uzlovyazanii. The thread is fed from a small spool, located in the hull canoe, and processed with both hands.   The right hand holds a hook and leads it around the thread,

  • Mom gift: tatting flowers, Handmade flowers tutorial

    Making flower, Tatting  |  0 Commentmom gift: tatting flowers, handmade flowers tutorial

      Mom gift: tatting flowers, Handmade flowers tutorial Craft ideas and tutorial                                                                            

  • Flowers mothers: tatting tutorial

    Crochet, Needle crafts, Tatting  |  0 Commentflowers mothers: tatting tutorial

    Brooch with a needle (lace oya).                                                                       Source: bilevar.com  

  • Curious Needlework – tatting

    Needle crafts, Tatting  |  0 Commentcurious needlework – tatting

    Tatting - a lace with shuttles. This weightless and delicate lace (with interwoven beads, this technique called Ankars) is really easy to learn. It needs perseverance, a little time, and of course, training.   My love for tatting come as soon as I happened at one of rukodelnyh clubs saw the stunning beauty of openwork cloth. Absolutely no idea how to do this hook (and I was sure that this performance is knitting), I asked the author - and I uttered the

  • beaded tatting tutorial

    Beading and knotting, Needle crafts, Other, Tatting  |  0 Commentbeaded tatting tutorial

    Beaded krasoten!