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  • Recycling and Crafts for summer: Sewing cap for kids

    Green crafts, Hats, Recycle, Sewing  |  0 Commentrecycling and crafts for summer: sewing cap for kids

      I have three small kids, all of which got my sensitive (to light) blue eyes.  I can barely look at the sky on even a cloudy day without my eyes watering.  The boys love baseball caps (although I do mention steps for altering this project for boys!!), but they get expensive and girl's are harder to find with the added challenge of coordinating with the outfit.... everything is harder when your a girl right?  Anyway, I'm a little obsessed with

  • Gift presents for mum and daughter: Ruffle Fabric Hat Tutorial

    Hats, Sewing  |  0 Commentgift presents for mum and daughter: ruffle fabric hat tutorial

    Ruffle Fabric Hat Tutorial Very flapper girl don't you think? I used the always amazing Ruffle Fabric to create these hats and it's so much quicker and easier than you might think! You are only going to sew one line!!!!  This project takes advantage of the fabric and took me only ten minutes to make a hat for both myself and my daughter (well minus the flower time). What you need- Ruffle Fabric, half a yard was plenty to create two hats, make

  • Sewing for kids: Pioneer Sunbonnet Tutorial

    Hats, Sewing  |  0 Commentsewing for kids: pioneer sunbonnet tutorial

    Pioneer Sunbonnet Tutorial UPDATE:  So many of you have looked at this pattern, I'm wondering....have you made one?  How did it go?  Would you be willing to share photos?  Please leave a comment, or email me and let me know! I had some time today to finish up my Halloween costume preparation, and created a new pattern for making a pioneer sunbonnet.  I have a little sunbonnet I wore as a small girl (as modeled by Baby, above), and used it as

  • Gifts bride: How to Make a Birdcage Veil

    Hats, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Sewing, Wedding day  |  0 Commentgifts bride: how to make a birdcage veil

    Gifts bride: How to Make a Birdcage Veil Materials Needed: 2 feet of 18" Russian Veiling, Comb, Thread and Needle, Ruler, Scissors Important Note: There are two sides of the veiling: finished and unfinished. You want the finished end to run across your face NOT the unfinished side. Photos and concept by Jordan Ferney for Project Wedding. Special Thanks to Alexis Birkmeyer for assisting, Adele White for modeling, and Bille Gniewosz for the dress. 12 comments | Share DIY Hero Supplies for Father’s Day Isabel over at Alpha Mom asked

  • Recycling ideas: Sleepy Owl Hat tutorial

    Green crafts, Hats, Recycle, Sewing  |  0 Commentrecycling ideas: sleepy owl hat tutorial

    In addition to my panda hat I now have a sleepy owl hat, and here's how I made it... I started with a Grandad cardigan, which was kindly donated to me by my Grandad as it had a hole in it. I cut a section from the back of the cardigan, mine measured approximately 40x25cm to fit my head, and folded it in half and folded over the edges The cardigan I used had suede pockets and strips down the front so I unpicked them and

  • Recycling ideas and tutorial: Recycled T Shirt Ruffle Hat Tutorial

    Green crafts, Hats, Recycle, Sewing  |  0 Commentrecycling ideas and tutorial: recycled t shirt ruffle hat tutorial

    Materials: 1 Old T~ shirt or 2 if you want your ruffles a different color Coordinating Thread Pattern: Cap size 12-18 Month Cap Size 2T You also can use a cap that fits your child already and use that for the pattern. STEP 1. Cut out the cap using your pattern. Step 2. Cut out the strips for the ruffles. This measurement will vary depending on how gathered you want your ruffles to be. The blue hat seen above had less gathering than the pink one shown below.

  • Phildar № 58-2011 knitted accessories for the whole family (Model)

    Books, Hats, Knitting  |  1 Commentphildar № 58-2011 knitted accessories for the whole family (model)

    Phildar № 58-2011 knitted accessories for the whole family (Model) Knitting magazine Free knitting patterns

  • Crafts for summer: Tutorial and Pattern: Tea Towel Hat

    Hats, Sewing  |  0 Commentcrafts for summer: tutorial and pattern: tea towel hat

    Crafts for summer: Tutorial and Pattern: Tea Towel Hat sewing pattern     I made a new hat pattern and created this version out of a super cute vintage tea towel with various songbirds on it. Obviously, there is no need to use a tea towel, any old fabric will do, but the pattern does cut out with very little waste from a standard sized tea towel and if you use a medium to heavy weight linen one it has just enough stiffness to

  • Gift presents: Snow Hat- Boys, kids craft ideas

    Hats, Sewing  |  0 Commentgift presents: snow hat- boys, kids craft ideas

    Gift presents: Snow Hat- Boys, kids craft ideas Sewing pattern It's been fun with RJ's developing imagination lately- he's 2 1/2. For example, the other day he told me: "Elves have red poop mom." He earned a gummi worm, and never ate it, but carried it around all day telling me it wasn't candy, it was a dead worm.  He'd let me pet the dead worm, but that's all.  It was "his pet." Yesterday morning he saw a Gap add as I was checking my

  • Crafts for summer

    Hats, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentcrafts for summer

    Baby hat

  • Children cap

    Hats, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentchildren cap

    children to his cap. First you need to cut out part of our future cap. 6pcs wedges 2det visor Visor stitch and twist Wedges stitch on the machine or stitch by hand frequently. Will feature in the form of a dome. Then the edge of the dome of our need to collect on a thread and pull visor to sew to the bottom of the cap. Voila !!!!!Our gotova.No cap because it will not stick on the head invisible stitches I sewed her a toy.It is very simple

  • Children panamka

    Hats, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentchildren panamka

    Soon the summer, and now need to take care of the clothes on our heads small kiddies. Very cute for little fashionistas panamka, sewn from thin summer fabrics, it is better to take the cotton or linen, more tightly to keep the shape type of poplin. Pattern is simple and straightforward.

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