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Carving onion lotus tutorial

Carving fruit, Recipes  |  February 2nd 2012  |  0 Comment

Carving onion lotus tutorial
1. materials
- Onion
- Carrots
- Knife

2. Instruction:

step 1
Onion bulbs selected small or large depending on you to make small or large lotus. Peel outer skin of an onion, the white coat they stop, wash, dry.

Làm hoa sen từ hành tây

Place the onions on the table, use a sharp knife, gently peel the layers to separate, then cut and styling in the lotus.

step 2

Làm hoa sen từ hành tây

Out of a shell you had a lotus floor, knife and cup shaped lotus petals in the inner crust.

step 3

Làm hoa sen từ hành tây

When you reach the onion cores, then it stopped. Cutting the onion to form a lotus.

step 4

Làm hoa sen từ hành tây

Use a knife to form the first small circle on lotus, peeling carrots with the corresponding circle, place the carrots on the lotus as stigma. Now you’ve got a beautiful lotus flower.
You can buy the lotus leaf, with the cotton plug in “sen onion” to get yourself a unique lotus flowers.

Photo: amthuc365.vn